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Annual Meetings

Annual Partner Group - BCT Meetings

There is the opportunity under the Bat Group - BCT Partner Agreements for an annual meeting with relevant staff from BCT. These meetings provide an opportunity for BCT staff to meet and get to know new and existing bat group members, and also to:

  • share ideas and information updates; 
  • check that both parties are still happy with the terms agreement, and update details as required; and
  • answer questions and queries.

How to arrange a meeting    

In Scotland:
Please get in touch with the Scottish Officer, Elisabeth Ferrell, to discuss appropriate meeting dates, email 

In Wales:
Please get in touch with the Wales Officer, Steve Lucas, to discuss appropriate meeting dates, email

In other parts of the British Isles: 
Please get in touch with the Head of Conservation Services, Lisa Worledge, to discuss appropriate meeting dates, email 

Lisa is also able to offer a range of talks to bat groups, and more details are available in a summary document with descriptions of current presentations. In addition to the talks listed there are other talks available from members of staff at BCT and we would be happy to discuss any requests.

In addition to the talks, Lisa is able to offer a number of workshops for Partner Groups, including subjects such as National Bat Monitoring Programme Surveys, Introduction to Sound Analysis, Bat Atlases, European Bat Box Database, An Introduction to Licensing and the Law, Natural England Class Licensing, and Project Licensing for Bat Groups. Where these workshops are organised in lieu of the annual partnership meeting, they are offered in exchange for a fee for materials. Please email Lisa if you would like to discuss arranging a workshop for your bat group.

Find out more

Descriptions of Talks for Partner Bat Groups (390 KB) - 16/02/18
Summaries of the presentations available to Partner Bat Groups by the Head of Conservation Services as part of annual meetings.

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