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Aims of the project

Bechstein's bat (Hugh Clark)To deliver systematically acquired baseline distribution data for Bechstein's bat across its entire range in England and Wales.

  • To better delineate the species' range and hotspots for conservation action
  • To better understand the habitat associations of the species across its range in the UK
  • To provide conservation management guidelines for land owners and managers of sites where Bechstein's bats are present.
  • To provide a baseline against which ongoing presence of the species can be monitored for future Biodiversity Action Plan reporting and conservation status assessments. (Note the survey is about mapping the distribution of core breeding maternity colonies during the survey event, a much more detailed result than just a snapshot of presence/absence).

In addition, the project aim for wider woodland bat communities is;

  • To provide preliminary data on the distribution of other woodland bat species in relation to woodland quality by recording all other species caught during the surveys. This will provide a valuable foundation for a comprehensive study of the relationship between woodland quality and the structure and diversity of bat communities.


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