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Help bats! Adopt a bat today for just £38 a year

(£3 per month by monthly Direct Debit)Bats need a helping hand! Whether you adopt a bat for yourself, or as a unique gift for a friend or family member, you will be making a real difference to bats in the wild.                       

               Adopt a bat

Please note that the Adopt a Bat pack takes 10-15 days to arrive from the date you join.

Why do bats need a helping hand?

The places bats roost and the places they find insects, such as trees and woodlands, have been destroyed to make way for buildings and roads.

The use of pesticides has meant there are less insects around for bats to feed on. These chemicals can also harm bats themselves.

Many people are not aware that bats need our help, and are sometimes scared of them because of how bats are presented in films and on television. This makes it harder for bats to get the help they need.

What do you get when you Adopt a Bat?

Adoption benefits

A personalised welcome letter, adoption certificate, pin badge and species leaflet



A colourful newsletter and poster (sent to you twice a year) with all the latest bat news


Adopt a bat

An adorable brown long-eared bat buddy to call your own (see image at the very top)


Best of all, is the knowledge that you are helping to save bats and create a safer future for these fascinating and fragile creatures.

                  Adopt a bat 

If you are getting an Adopt a Bat as a gift please download our simple step-by-step instructions HERE

For more infomation about adopting a BCT  bat, please email or call 0207 820 7181



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