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Bigger better Big Bat Map!

11 August 2010

This summer the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) is appealing to the public to turn their eyes to the skies for their chance to see the real stars of twilight and take part in the Big Bat Map, the UK’s biggest bat survey.

The Big Bat Map is an online bat survey that allows the public to share their bat sightings on the Bat Conservation Trust website. It is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and City of London’s City Bridge Trust as part of the Count Bat Project to inspire a more diverse range of people to get involved in conserving bats. Piloted in August 2009, over a thousand of people took part in the Big Bat Map challenge last year spotting bats at twilight in the back garden, parks and along canals and waterways.

This year it is hoped 10,000 people will take part. Bat sightings can be logged onto the interactive Big Bat Map in only a few minutes noting the place and rough time of their sighting. In the summer months bats can be seen hunting insects after sunset across the UK.

Dan Merrett, Count Bat Regional Coordinator at BCT, said:
We know from last year’s pilot survey that if people take a few minutes at dusk to watch the skies around their homes and gardens they can be rewarded with the spectacular sight of local bats hunting their insect prey. Bats can be found even in the middle of cities provided there are enough trees and green spaces.

The Big Bat Map is a great way for people to let us know where their local bats hang out. By taking part in the Big Bat Map, you can help the Bat Conservation Trust identify bat hotspots and share with others great places to see bats! Last year the survey uncovered previously unknown bat roosts and bat colonies, helping us protect these wonderful animals

BCT also runs a dedicated Bat Helpline where members of public can get free advice on bats for grounded or injured bats that they have found, by calling 0845 1300 228.

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