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Bat colony moves into Trafalgar Square!

14 September 2009

Lisa on the plinth 

Naturally, there were bats; there were balloons (LOTS of balloons); there was even a bruised bystander, victim of a stray bag of low-flying bat sweets. But most of all there was batmania in Trafalgar Square this morning, as BCT's Lisa Hundt took to the Fourth Plinth to champion bats.

Given this lofty platform as part of the One & Other live artwork, a be-caped Lisa took to the plinth clutching a plethora of balloons and a basket of bat goodies, and proceeded to inject some batty fun into the lives of the passing London communters.

Among the highlights was the assembling of a 'One & Other bat colony', made up of bat-shaped cards which onlookers were encouraged to name and then 'fly' back up to Lisa (with a little help from a handy fishing rod!), who then broadcasted the names as she added them to the growing roost (check out the names in the 'Roost of Honour' below). There was even time for a bat-themed game of Hangman!

In amongst the flying parcels of sweets, and the sticker-ing of onlookers by batty helpers, Lisa set about dispelling many of the negative myths about bats and emphasised the vital contribution these shy and misunderstand mammals make towards the UK's biodiversity. 

It was all over after an hour, but Lisa's star turn ensured that these 'furry but friendly' creatures were the talk of the Square.

See Lisa wow London!

One & Other Bat Colony - Roost of Fame

One & Other logo


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