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The Bat Factor

3 November 2015









Three native species have been nominated for the title for 2016.  The noctule, common pipistrelle and Daubenton's bat are all in the running. Bat Conservation Trust decided it was time for the bat loving public to have their say as to which of these bats should be 'Bat of the Year'.

To facilitate this, we have created several ways to vote for the species you think should win the title.  Here is a brief run down of the contestants.


Noctule (Nyctalus noctula)

Noctule bat

The tree dwelling noctule is one of the largest British species and can fly at 50kph (30mph). Adults generally have short, sleek, golden, evenly coloured fur although some may be a chocolate brown colour. Read more about noctules here


Common pipistrelle  (Pipistrellus pipistrellus)

Common pipistrelle

One of our smallest British bats, the common pipistrelle is an aerial hawker that is reported to eat up to 3000 midges and mosquitoes a night. This dark faced 'bandit' is often found to roost in buildings. Read more about common pipistrelles here


Daubenton's Bat (Myotis daubentonii)

Daubenton's bat

The Daubenton's bat, also known as the water bat, patrols our waterways scooping insects from the surface of the water with its large feet or tail membrane. This medium sized bat's roost sites typically include bridges and tunnels. Read more about Daubenton's bat here


Which bat would you like to see becoming Bat of the Year for 2016?

You can vote in one of the following ways:

  • Email us at with 'Bat of the Year' followed by the name of the species in the subject line.
  • Vote by texting a donation (UK residents only) to NOCT16, CPIP16 or DAUB16 followed by £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10 (or other amount) to 70070
  • Go to our Bat Factor Justgiving page, make a donation and cast your vote in the comments.

Bat of the Year for 2015 was Nathusius' pipistrelle. You can read more about BatLife Europe's Bat of the Year initiative here.

The closing date for votes will be midnight on the 15th of November.  Have your say now!

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