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23 August 2011

BCT has launched the Big Bat Map for the UN Year of the Bat. This interactive map allows you to share and map bat sightings, discover local bat hotspots, find events and get hints and tips on how to see our wonderful bats. 

The Bat Conservation Trust is appealing to the public to look out for bats, and log their sightings.  The Big Bat Map provides tips and sites where you can find bats locally but we need all the help we can to build up our Big Bat Map so please record your sightings so that others can share in your magical bat experiences!

"The Big Bat Map is an easy way to help these threatened and misunderstood mammals. I hope everyone will join Britain’s biggest bat watch ever and look out for bats, whether it’s as you draw their curtains in the evening or as you are coming home from the pub! If you do spot any, you can help put bats on the map by adding your sighting on the Big Bat Map.”

Chris Packham, President of BCT

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