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Batty Valentine's Day e-cards

8 February 2011

This BCT launch'ed it's new range of Valentine's Day e-cards, which can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients for free.

 Batty for you

These adorable e-cards are sure to be a hit with friends and family this Valentine's Day. E-cards are increasingly popular due to being an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard Valentine's Day cards. As well as this, you'll save a small fortune in cards and postage and you can send them from the comfort of your own home! Most importantly - no tedious stamp and envelope licking!

This year, BCT are promoting the idea of making a loving donation to bats from the money saved by using free BCT e-cards. So please send BCT Valentine's Day e-cards to friends and loved-ones this year, and in the true spirit of Cupid please donate anything you can to help bats in these difficult times.

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