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Batty Christmas e-cards

7 December 2010

Last week BCT launched it's new range of Christmas e-cards, which can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients for free. The four e-cards feature Christmassy scenes including some roosting Brandt's bats with their Christmas stockings hanging up, and a 'Rudolph-bat' complete with antlers and a red nose!

These adorable e-cards are sure to be a hit with friends and family this Christmas. E-cards are increasingly popular due to being an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard Christmas cards. As well as this, you'll save a small fortune in cards and postage and you can send them from the comfort of your own home! Most importantly - no tedious stamp and envelope licking!

The winter period is a difficult time for bats, who need sufficient energy reserves to survive the whole season with little or no opportunity to feed. Due to the lack of food, bats hibernate. But finding suitable hibernation sites can be difficult and bats are often forced to relocate due to extreme weather changes or disturbances, e.g. building work. There have even been instances of bats found hibernating in boxes of Christmas decorations and artifical Christmas trees stored in attics! Once disturbed, bats often have to be 'over-wintered' in care, as they would almost certainly not survive the rest of the season having lost a significant proportion of their precious stored energy.

This year, BCT are promoting the idea of making a Christmas donation to bats from the money saved by using free BCT e-cards. So please send BCT Christmas e-cards to friends and loved-ones this year, and in the true spirit of Christmas please donate anything you can to help bats in these difficult times.

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