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This tutorial uses elements of the NBMP Field Survey Online Tutorial which was produced as part of the European Bat Weekend project funded by DEFRA.

Thanks to:
BCT staff,
Rick & Julia Goldsmith at Catcher Media,
Helen Forster,
Herefordshire Action for Mammals, Herefordshire Nature Trust,

David King at Batbox Ltd,

Matt Dwyer at Fat Beehive Ltd
Simon Mckeown at Fragment Media,
Lydia Robbins and Will Watson
for contributions to this tutorial.

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Innes Jones at Positive Design,

Pictures by:
Jules Agate

Philip Briggs
Hugh Clarke

Stephen Dalton

Kevin Durose
Frank Greenaway

Conor Kelleher

Fiona Luckhurst
Anne Youngman


The BCT wishes to thank all of the NBMP volunteers without whom this project could not succeed, everyone who has donated photographs and other resources and also our funding partners who along with the BCT contribute to the NBMP: JNCC, the Countryside Council for Wales, DEFRA, Natural England, Environment Agency, Environment and Heritage Service NI, Mammals Trust UK and Scottish Natural Heritage.


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The NBMP Waterway Survey Tutorial was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, The City Bridge Trust

and Natural England as part of the Count Bat Project which aims to encourage and involve a wider spectrum of people in bat conservation.


The Bat Conservation Trust retains intellectual copyright of the material contained in this tutorial.
Any unauthorised use will be considered a breach of that copyright.