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Further Listening

To listen to more bat calls to help you to identify them, we recommend the CD with accompanying book ‘The Bat Detective’. This can be found in the BCT’s Bat Bazaar. Bat detectors can also be purchased.

Calls from most UK species can be heard at BCT's Bat Sound Library. This is password protected and you need to be a BCT member or NBMP volunteer in order to gain access.

The BCT runs a programme of training courses and workshops on many aspects of bats and bat detecting. Details can be found in the training section on the BCT website.

BCT’S Methods and Resources

These web pages were devised with the sole purpose of providing a step-by-step guide to taking part in the NBMP Waterway Survey. The techniques described are designed for long-term monitoring of population changes for Daubenton's bat at a national level.

These techniques are not suitable for carrying out a bat survey of a site to identify which species are present or to estimate numbers of bats, and should not be used out of context. If you have any questions about surveying for bats in other contexts, or you would like permission to use any of our resources, including any material from this tutorial, please contact BCT.


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