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Submitting Data for New Sites

For a new site that has not been surveyed in previous years,
please return:

• 1 route map clearly labelling all spots, start and end
• 1 blank map of your survey site
• Survey form
• Spot descriptions form
• Landowner details
• Any additional notes

Make sure you clearly mark the correct grid reference of the waterway that you chose to survey at the top of your survey form and on the back of the maps.

Submitting Data for
Repeat Sites

For a repeat site that has been surveyed before in previous years, please return:

• Survey form
• Spot descriptions
• Landowner details
• Any additional notes

If the route/spots have changed from previous years please also return to us:

• Map with new route
• Map with original route








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If you have to alter your route please draw the new route on the blank map and indicate in the box provided on the survey form that a change has been made. Make sure all revised spot descriptions and any new landowner details are entered on the forms.

If you have repeated the survey in exactly the same way, you do not have to return any maps.


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