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The objective of this tutorial is to teach you how to take part in the NBMP Waterway Survey. You don’t need to be a bat expert to help us to monitor bats, but you do need some training and experience in using a bat detector to take part in this particular survey.

The Waterway Survey aims to collect data on Daubenton's bat along a 1km stretch of waterway.

You need to be able to tell when you see or hear a different species and possibly identify it (though additional species are not recorded on the Waterway Survey form).

This survey is carried out with the aid of a heterodyne or tuneable bat detector to enable you to hear the sounds that Daubenton's bats make, and a torch to enable you to confirm this species by observing its distinctive foraging flight pattern.

Once you have completed this tutorial you should feel more confident to take part in this survey. If you do need any further help or advice please contact the NBMP team at the BCT.


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