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Using Your Torch To Identify Daubenton's Bat

As all Myotis bat species sound very similar you will need to be able to confirm that it is Daubenton's bat you are hearing by observing the bat skimming across the water, a foraging habit typical of this species.

However, as Daubenton's bats are sensitive to light you will need to use the torch sparingly.

  • Listen for the bat approaching
  • When it is near turn on the torch
  • Sweep the beam across the surface
  • Never leave the beam directed continuously across the surface
  • Light deters bats and will affect results as bats turn away
  • You will need a reasonably strong torch in order to pick up bats some distance away, but you do not need 1 million candle power!
  • Once you have identified the bat, switch the light off  until you hear another Myotis-type bat call and then repeat the above process


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