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This is an exciting new opportunity to learn how to become a bat detective and really make a difference! Join our team of volunteers as they help to find out more about the UK's bats. We guide you through all you need to know to take part in the NBMP Waterway Survey this summer.

Welcome to our online National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP) tutorial.

This tutorial offers step-by-step training for the NBMP Waterway Survey, giving guidance and practical tips on how to take part.

Each page contains explanatory text and media files (including video clips, sound files and plenty of photographs) to help you ensure that you're on the right track.

You can use the tutorial if you connect to the internet through broadband.

You will need Quick Time or Real Player in order to view the video clips. These media players can be downloaded by following the links on the left of this page.

Video clips often take a few minutes to download. Please be patient!

We hope that you enjoy learning more about how and why we count bats. The tutorial takes around 60 minutes to progress right through, but you can bookmark these pages (or add to your 'favourites' list in Microsoft Internet Explorer) and return at any time.

The NBMP Waterway Survey Tutorial was written and produced by Jules Agate and Philip Briggs.

Updated April 2010.

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The NBMP Waterway Survey Tutorial was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund , The City Bridge Trust and Natural England as part of the Count Bat Project which aims to encourage and involve a wider spectrum of people in bat conservation.


The Bat Conservation Trust retains intellectual copyright of the material contained in this tutorial.
Any unauthorised use will be considered a breach of that copyright.