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UK Grid References

The four figure grid reference you are given e.g. H6727 relates to a 1km square.

The National Grid system covers the UK with 100km grid squares.

Each 100km square in Scotland, England and Wales is identified by 2 letters (e.g. SN) and a single letter in Northern Ireland.

Each 100km square is then further divided into 10km squares by a set of grid lines running vertically left to right and horizontally from bottom to top within the square.

If we zoom into the 100km square H, you can see the grid that divides it again into 10km squares.

The lines that vertically run left to right (west to east) are called eastings because they are numbered from 0 to 9 progressing eastwards.

The grid lines that run horizontally from bottom to top (south to north) are called northings because they are numbered
0 – 9 progressing from south to North.

Always read grid references by eastings first (left to right) and then northings. If you have trouble remembering think of along the hall and then up the stairs!

In the example shown the red square is H62.



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