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Completing the Survey

When you have completed all 12 walks and all 12 spots you should be back at, or near to, the start.

Note down the time that the survey ended. Also record any drastic changes in weather conditions.

Abandon the survey before the end if it begins to rain (more than a slight drizzle) the wind becomes strong or the temperature drops to 7 degrees Celsius or below. If fog comes in and your visibility is impaired it is also advisable to stop as soon as soon as possible and return to your transport. Don’t risk becoming lost.

If at any time you feel unsafe or threatened at a spot or walk abandon that section. If possible pick it up at a later point along the route but if you feel your safety may be compromised then put your equipment away and stop the survey.

You may also be forced to abandon surveys if your detector battery or your torch runs out. If anything causes you to stop, record the time and reason. If you missed out any sections also make a note.







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Well done!! You have now completed your virtual survey! When finishing your real survey, make sure that when you leave the site you have not left anything behind. If you have used temporary markers collect them as you go around. Close all gates behind you.


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