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You will need the following resources from your survey pack:

• Field card
• Rough map
• Map
• Spot descriptions
• Landowner letter
• Recording sheet/notebook

You should also take the following equipment:

• Tuneable bat detector & spare battery
• Stopwatch
• Pencil/pen & spare
• Torch & spare batteries
• Thermometer
• Mobile phone
• Drinking water
• Sensible shoes
• Warm /waterproof clothing
• High visibility vest (on dark roads)

Don’t forget spare batteries for your torch. A head torch is ideal as it leaves your hands free but you should have a bigger torch with you too. Always make sure your bat detector has fresh or fully charged batteries. Worn down batteries seriously affect detector sensitivity.






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A small backpack is advisable for carrying water etc as it also leaves your hands free. A 3km walk can take a few hours so make sure you have had enough food or take a snack with you.

BCT produces a bat detector leaflet listing models, features and prices. See our bat detectors page for more information.


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