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New Sites

If you have been allocated a new site you will receive a few four figure grid references to choose from.

You will get a choice of between two and six survey sites within 10km of your address. Select the site nearest to you or that is most accessible to you.

You will then need to go and find a map of your site to photocopy, or scan in the relevant 1km square in order to draw your route.

New Site Maps

The Ordnance Survey (OS) range of maps can be purchased from bookshops or direct from the web. Alternatively, you can usually make copies from the maps held in your local library. If you have local Biological Records Centre they may hold local maps and allow you to make a copy there.

The relevant OS map series are:

• The ‘Explorer’ series covering most of the country at a scale of 1:25000. (The remaining areas are covered by the old ‘Pathfinder’ series)

• The ‘Landranger’ series covering the whole country at a scale of 1:50000.
For this purpose a 1:25000 scale is ideal as you can see landscape features in detail.

1:50000 is acceptable but will be more difficult to use in the field.

The Ordnance Survey website has a service called ‘get-a-map’ that allows you free access to small sections of UK maps for your own use.

We’ve listed some website links that provide free access to local maps. Streetmap is useful to help you plan your route around urban areas as OS maps do not have the street names on them. If you use these map services please make sure the scale used is marked on your map and the source is acknowledged.



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