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Health and Safety

Your survey pack will contain Health and Safety guidelines. Please read them carefully and carry out a risk assessment as directed.

Essential health and safety points to remember:

1. Never survey alone

2. Make a contingency plan. Inform somebody where you are going (grid reference) & give a time after which the police should be contacted.

3. Take a mobile phone and torch with batteries.

4. Don’t take unnecessary risks

At all times be aware of your safety. If surveying farmland check with landowners on the day for hazards such as horses, bullocks, tree felling etc.
As a volunteer you are under no obligation to take part in this survey.

Please do not put yourself in a position that could place you, or others, in harm's way. If a part of your survey looks at all risky at any stage please stop. Contact us at NBMP and you will be allocated another site.


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